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October 25 2012


Read Acer Aspire One 722 Battery Performance Data

Whenever the Acer laptop CPU from memory to read data, to a memory controller issues a read command, memory controller returns the requested data, however, because the acer aspire one 722 battery memory response speed relative to the CPU is very slow, so the data is returned before CPU only have nothing to do "wait", as often happens, the fast CPU will also be memory drag, would improve efficiency.

In the main memory (RAM) and CPU between, put a small capacity SRAM.When the CPU for RAM data at the time, first in the SRAM looking inside, if found, would not have to spend a lot of time to the RAM to read lithium ion aspire one 722 battery.

If SRAM is not in the data, and then to RAM to read, when RAM returns data at the time, only to return to the original data needed, while "piggybacking" returns the desired aspire one 722 data "before and after" some seemingly unrelated data, and these data in SRAM.

The next CPU SRAM again to read data when required, if the data is in the SRAM, you can "hit".From the principle can be seen, the hit rate is higher, the higher the efficiency of CPU.

The hit rate is by "piggybacking" returns the data of the decision, what data is being carried back, this aspire one 722 battery will be in accordance with CPU internal cache algorithm set.Thus, the cache size is much smaller than the main memory, and cache algorithm can not be 100% accurate.

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August 03 2012


Save Sony Vaio Laptop Battery Power

Outdoor use sony vaio notebook, which use sony vgp-bps13/q battery, the biggest problem is the battery life problem, the conventional notebook battery life can only support 2-3 hours, if the vgp-bps13/q battery charge is not convenient, the laptop is necessary "without food". In fact, we can build the skills of using a laptop, to save unnecessary power waste, longer life time.

Battery-powered, do not play the big game

The road, if the laptop can not charge it in time, best left to the limited power when most needed and then in battery-powered, do not play a large 3D games. Big game running, processor, graphics card, hard drive and other equipment will be working at full speed, the power sony vgp-bps13/q battery suddenly go up, had 2-3 hours of vgp-bps13/q battery life, it is estimated that only support to more than 1 hours, more harm than good Aye a lot of friends have Tablet PC, simply use the tablet to pass the time, not as fun.

Tips: If you have to use laptop listening to music, it is best to wear earbud headphones, not only headphone sound quality than the built-in speaker is much better, but also more sony vaio laptop power than the speaker.

Using the touchpad, do not use an external mouse

Usually use the sony laptop, we are accustomed to an external mouse, whether wired or wireless, the electronic battery vgp-bps13/q than the books that comes with the touchpad to facilitate. External mouse (wired mouse) or more power than the touchpad. To save power, we directly use the touchpad, just edit the text, Internet and other applications for vgp-bps13/q sony battery management, the touchpad is good enough.

June 26 2012


Business HP Probook Series Laptop and Battery

HP officially released new business notebook HP ProBook series of new products, a brand new sensory experience for mainstream business users. The HP ProBook new products like the wave speed of the new forces, with the cool metal handsome appearance and strong, surging power of speed, so that the owner instantly armed instantly interconnected to create stylish and professional - with "speed" HP with new service commitment, to win the trust of users.

The term pervasive in the competition today, only internally and externally motivated to become a fresh forces to break the siege. The speed of the new forces is the spirit of the workplace reinforcements label, their pursuit of brand new, self-transcendence, and resolutely in the career, life in high profile glamorous. Emphasize efficiency first appearance on the advocacy of self-confidence highlighting function as the new HP ProBook mainstream business notebook.

Two-pronged approach of the latest processor platform with the high-speed hard drive, changing as speed, quick step, a new force can always take the lead; mocha black and Bordeaux red Colorful two-tone metal wire drawing look dazzling dazzling inadvertently expose shining new force gestures of self-confidence out.

Probook Series laptop battery is also a highlight. With an extra probook 4730s battery for hp laptop, extend the business notebook running times. In order to coordinate with probook series laptop topspeed features, this battery is designed as the your buying ones, with 400mAh, 10.8V, professinal battery. It can work with HP Probook 4330s 4530s 4730s laptops.

HP ProBook series of notebook business has always been synonymous with all-round business, the series of new products this scale new heights, enjoy the confusion between interpretation of the speed of the new forces of internally and externally aggressive. The launch of the HP ProBook's six new products from 13.3 inch to 17.3-inch HP ProBook 4320s, 4321s, 4420s, 4421s, 4520s and 4720s, so professional innovation, you can use the "new look" to describe.

April 19 2012


Take Fom High to Low Perspective Photographs

The low angle, and allows us to observe the world from a different perspective. Most of us in life, from a similar point of view towards the surrounding environment, and rarely put down posture. But there is another world hp compaq 6710b AC adapter. To change my point of view, boring little change of scenery can make fresh and vivid, just pay attention to the correct way. This article will brief you on the excellent low angle photo 7 shooting skills. Up shooting can be considered low-angle photos, but here I am talking about is to make your camera lowered.

Forget the viewfinder
From a low angle, we must first accept most of the time can not use the viewfinder. Many of these photos are low shooting angle to only frog able to see the nikon en-el1 charger viewfinder. If your camera has a rotating LCD screen, it is very lucky. If not, get used of it feel viewfinder.

Understand the focal length
The best wide-angle lens from a low angle shooting. 10-22mm lens for the camera with a 1.6x focal length multiplier is very good. The fisheye lens is also capable of performing. Of course, if you can lie on the ground composition, then, is not "long" focal length, but so have difficulty in the composition and cropping photos. You can also try the 18-200mm big zoom, you can have more room to play.

Understand aperture and depth of field
Low angle photographs hp pavilion dv4 AC adapter, usually in the foreground, middle ground and background are content. So you want to understand aperture and depth of field. Simply use the maximum aperture and shallow depth of field effect may not be suitable. Each lens has the best location, you had better go look.

Keep the camera level
While paying attention to the level of the camera when you hold the camera close to the ground or other low subject, do not forget. Do this step can save you time in front of the computer to adjust the photo angle. Enough level of perhaps one or two may not seem a big problem, but if you want to repeatedly try this shot, the best way to start good habits sony np-fw50 battery. However, if you can not do a good job in the pre, post or via the computer to save photos. I just prefer to be perfect in the early, although this may need to continue to make mistakes and learn.

Avoid skies exposure problems
A nice sunny day, all your photos look great - and accurate white balance and exposure, until you start from a low angle shooting. Photos prospects very dark, the sky is not so good. How is this going?

If the photo has a large area of ​​sky, is a sunny day, then you need to do some exposure compensation, or, accept the limitations of such an environment. The sun is too bright will force the camera to reduce the exposure, just as you lay on the ground watching the sun have to squint. If your focus is on the sky and clouds, less exposed. If the prospects are very important, overexposure, and accept that the sky will lose detail. At least you can get the really important things.

Before shooting imagine would be like to see the scene from a low angle. Eye-level photographs canon bp-511 charger, contains some interesting things to photograph. May be just a stone, an apple or anything. This is an opportunity to use perspective to make ordinary things look different. As the angle of the problem, close objects will be relatively larger.

Shooting, playback, repeat
This is a digital camera to bring the benefits of the photographer. Although I do not like each photo should playback, because the camera screen resolution and do not let you find your own error.

But still use it. Take a photograph, playback, and then look at what can be improved, including the composition or exposure, and then repeatedly try until you get satisfactory results. Before going home, do not forget to delete the dell inspiron 1521 AC adapter photos in front of those who try to. The low angle shooting is a very interesting thing, you can let your photos in the world has become completely different. Do not be afraid to try, to observe the world from another angle.

April 09 2012


Windows Server 8 Operate System Review

Compared to enter mature areas of application with the previous three editions, the Windows Server 8 official version has not yet released, but the beta version released on February 29 this year, still attracts a large number of business nikon camera battery users concerned about. Windows 8 "twin brother", using the new Metro-style user interface, a variety of applications, shortcuts to the style of the dynamic box on the screen, the user will be commonly used browser, monitoring software, server controller added to the desktop, the application is more convenient.

Windows Server 8 is only beta version, but many of its features or to attract the eyes of many IT enthusiasts. The Windows Server operating system has a greater hp compaq 6700 performance in virtualization and security upgrade, whether it is a desktop interface design, feature options, are more convenient to IT administrators who deploy the settings, more humane, it can be said is a rare server operating system.

Today, cloud computing period of rapid development, Windows Server 8 will undoubtedly further promote the development of cloud computing and the Windows Server 8 is likely to quickly become a mainstream operating system of cloud computing. Here we look at the features of the Windows Server 8.

Windows Server 8 server management more convenient
New Windows Server8 blog post, Microsoft said the upcoming new server side, to ensure that the server administrator to the history of the fastest, most scalable hp pavilion dv9500 charger and flexible service. Due to the Metro-interface design of Microsoft Windows Server8 will provide a simple and effective server management to provide interaction between the administrator and the server, administrators can quickly take action directly on the confirmation of the dashboard information, without launching a separate procedures or tools. The instrument panel according to different environments customized to add a custom group.

Hyper-V cluster
The Windows Server Hyper-V clustering support I can say that the point of madness, you can host up to 63 Hyper-V, up to 4000 virtual machines created in a cluster. Windows Server 8 also includes a variety of functions, making it easier for management and maintenance of Hyper-V cluster, such as cluster-aware tinkering, deduplication and BitLocker encryption.

The Windows Server Disaster Recovery
Can use the Windows Server Hyper-V copy as a backup server, the server crash or other catastrophic events. Windows servers will continue to be synchronized with the Hyper-V, a copy of the original server, so I always have a backup of a virtual server, and you can configure automatic failover asus a32-u6 and failback.

The Windows Server real-time migration
Windows Server 8 will replace the Windows Server 2008, will also feature live migration tool, which allows the administrator a copy of the virtual machine virtual machine storage from one storage server to another.

Windows Server 8 IP Address Management
Many companies are lagging behind in this area: you have your internal IP range in the spreadsheet. What happens when you get new equipment and it needs to be installed dell precision m90 charger on the network? You to browse your spreadsheet, hoping to find the available address matching your address system - for server x-to-y, z of the network equipment-to-n.

Windows Server 8 ReFS (Flexible File System)
The latest news, new file system ReFS will be used in the Windows Server server version. Windows Server 8, Microsoft will use new technology to improve the compatibility of hardware and software, but this technology is only designed for computer administrator, so the client version of Windows 8 will not see ReFS. ReFS file system designed by Microsoft from the ground up, mainly in order to meet the future needs of the Windows Storage: ability to handle large-capacity storage, the flexibility mechanisms, and cross-machine shared storage pool.

The Windows Server to uninstall the data transmission function
Innovative features to provide almost instantaneous copy large amounts of data for the use of storage hardware, the introduction of Hyper-V in Windows Server 8 Beta unload data transmission. With this new feature, the hp probook 4710s charger Hyper-V workload uninstall the semantics of the host hardware and virtual storage stack to perform some internal operations need to copy large amounts of data on the virtual hard disk. Hyper-V to perform these operations faster than the unusually fast.

Burst of the various functions of the Windows Server can be said is worth looking forward to, and the rapid development in the cloud, will no doubt quickly become the focus, but Windows Server 8, after all, released just a beta version dell inspiron n5010, the real performance release when the true exposure.

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March 30 2012


Asia-Pacific Storage BBS Promote Data Performance

March 23, 2012, Beijing - LSI Corporation today held in Beijing in the 11th Asia-Pacific Storage Forum. Urgent need to improve data center performance and cloud computing building in the current industry context of LSI Asia Pacific Storage Forum to accelerate data center in a timely manner as the theme to the participating customers, partners, technical staff studio xps 16 charger replacement, media persons, sharing applies to three types of data center solutions and typical success story.

LSI based technical experts also introduced a new breakthrough of the 12Gb / s SAS technology. In addition, how to accelerate the SSD function, the challenges of data intensive applications, but also an important part of the forum. The keynote speech for the latest application requirements, subject to the general concern of all participants.

At present, the face of the rapid growth of huge amounts of data, the rapid response of the business needs, the bottleneck of the enterprise data center space hp g62 charger replacement, efficiency, energy consumption has become increasingly prominent, and storage are often faced with inefficient energy consumption is too high, slow response challenges. In this regard, the LSI Asia Pacific managing director Zhang Wei speech at the forum, said: "Undoubtedly, the performance is the most important factor to accelerate the data center over the past few years, although the processor and network capacity rapid growth, but whether it is based on the hp dv4 traditional the performance of disk storage, or to expand the capacity of conventional memory in the server industry to face challenges with absolute advantage in the storage area, LSI technology solutions just can 'prescribe the right medicine', to help customers improve storage performance, to achieve accelerated data the center of vision. "

Faced with the SME data center, enterprise-class data centers, large data centers, and even cloud-based data center. How to meet different applications, different toshiba pa3536u battery replacement sizes of data center storage performance challenges? In the storage forum, LSI technology experts gives the answer, including the type of storage deployments, a variety of storage options, 12Gb / s SAS and the HA the DAS ( high availability of direct-attached storage).

Of which, the DAS, the HA not only solve the single-server storage space expansion, the demand for high-performance transmission, but also meet high availability requirements of data storage. LSI technology experts is also a case to explain the excellent performance of the SSD (solid state drive) accelerates data center work-intensive applications. SSD can speed up the application, eliminate bottlenecks, speed up data access. LSI recently completed the acquisition of the company SandForce, ibm thinkpad r60e ac adapter rich combination of storage technologies will help to help clients cope with the explosion of data growth, improve storage performance.

With years of accumulated technology in the storage area and innovative LSI occupy first place in the global server and storage SAS components market; ranked first in the global server and direct attached storage adapter and software market; LSI is the world's flash memory solutions to the market leader.

About LSI

LSI Corporation (NYSE: LSI) is a leading provider of innovative silicon, systems and software technologies, products using LSI technology allows consumers seamless integration between information and digital content. The company provides products and services in many fields, including custom and standard product ICs, adapters, systems and software. Our products have received the trust of many of the world's best known brands inspiron 1564 battery replacement, a number of leading solutions for the storage and networking markets.

March 02 2012


How to Reduce Auto Tyre Wear

Improper use can result in abnormal wear and tear, the wallets of car owners, but a huge hit! Coupled with the recent volatility of the international tire market laptop batteries, people also had a trend for tire prices anxiety. We can not control the price of the tires, how to reduce tire wear, so to maximize the tire life, is the owners who must master the knowledge. Has a lot to the car driving and tire wear. Good, skilled driving techniques can effectively reduce tire wear and extend tire life, while improving driving safety. Summarized below a few tips to reduce tire wear.

Pneumatic to compliance
Driver in accordance with the provisions of the depot to the tire. When tire pressure lp-e8 battery cheap is lower than the standard value, the tire shoulder wear increases rapidly; tire pressure higher than the standard value, because of the tire contact area is reduced, the unit pressure increased, the middle of the tire tread wear increased at the same time increase the tire rigidity dynamic load by the wheel load increases, and easy to produce casing burst.

Tread no cracks
Regularly check the tire surface for cracks, deformation and other defects. The tire tread groove traveling wear faded, if removed will lose drainage anti-skid and role of the car the performance will be greatly reduced, while seemingly small cracks at high speed puncture the hidden. Note also that timely removal of the groove in the gravel.

Parking choose the ground
Avoid parking on the road with coarse, sharp or sharp stones. Vehicles do not park close to or contact with petroleum products, acids, and other affecting the deterioration of rubber material. The driver turning the steering wheel, do not stop after this operation will accelerate tire wear.

Heat do not splash
The tires are prone to overheating in the summer for a long time driving or high speed, and at the same time increased pressure. You should stop the heat, is strictly prohibited deflation buck or splashing water cooling, to prevent the tread rubber of normal aging.

Avoid braking
Can not start too fast, to avoid frequent use of the brake and emergency brake np-fm500h battery, so as to avoid the tire and the ground drag and accelerate tread wear; turning vehicles, overtaking through the intersection, narrow road, railway crossing Lot, should have appropriate speed and pay attention to the road, pedestrians, vehicle dynamics, ready to brake, to reduce the frequent braking, to avoid the emergency brake, which reduces tire wear; to slow down by the face of broken glass or other foreign matter can not be avoided, do not brakes, brakes caused the pressure increases, the glass fragments and foreign easier to tie into the tire.

Select a good road
When the lane of the highway maintenance and construction sites, the application of low-speed amble choose the road of the way through, to avoid the tire by the excessive crashing, or even puncture or scratch; driving on uneven road, the one to choose the road, reduce tire and road crashing, to avoid damage to parts and tires; two deceleration amble, to avoid tire bumps and strong vibration; muddy lots, adopted by the np-fh70 battery solid, not slippery, so as not to tire subsidence, standing idle, the intense heat caused The tire sidewall serious cuts and scratches.

Control your speed
The vehicle turns corners road, turning radius, the general should be appropriate to slow down, so as not to accelerate the unilateral tire wear due to the inertial force and centrifugal force; vehicle downhill, should be based on the slope of the size, length and road conditions, control of the appropriate speed , so less can be avoided with emergency braking, reduce tire wear; parking of vehicles driving on the way and you approach a stop, you should develop the habits of the safety slide.

Ground check the spare tire
Maintenance and use of the tires, do not forget the most important tire --- spare tire. The spare tire manufacturers with the owners, but are often forgotten and the lack of maintenance. Recommended every 3 months on a regular basis to check the spare tire, if necessary, to give it inflated, so as not only to find that it is flat when you need it.

Concerned about the durability
Most people do not know, in fact, durability is a basic indicator of the tire, unlike its size, bearing and speed level is, the wear index did not identify the tire in the tire shoulder, perhaps because of the wear index does not like these other indicators that will directly affect the installation, or poses a direct threat to safety. Minded owners may wish to Internet or through battery for sony DSLR A350 some other means to understand the tire wear index this indicator should be able to play the role of reference for you to choose a durable tire.

First, start not too much, so as to avoid the tire and the ground drag and accelerate tread wear;

Second, the vehicle downhill slope large filial length and road conditions, control of the appropriate speed, to avoid or little use of the emergency braking, reduce tire wear;

Third, the vehicle turns corners road, turning radius, the general should be appropriate to slow down, to avoid due to the inertia force and centrifugal force to accelerate the unilateral tire wear;

Fourth, Rugged road driving, you want to select the road to reduce the rattle of tire and road, to avoid damage to parts and tires, and second, you want to slow down to be put on hold, to avoid tire bumps and strong vibration np-fv100 battery

Fifth, in the corner will be the car, passing through the intersection, narrow roads, railway crossings, and other sites, should have a proper speed and pay attention to the road, pedestrians, vehicle dynamics, ready to brake to reduce the frequent braking to avoid an emergency braking, which reduces tire wear;

Sixth, when the lane of the highway maintenance and construction sites, the application of low-speed amble choose the road of the way through, to avoid the tires subject to excessive crashing, or even puncture or scratch;

Seventh, muddy lots, adopted by the solid, not slippery, so as not to tire subsidence, standing idle, severe vibration caused by the tire sidewall serious cuts, scratch nikon d80 battery grip

Eighth, parking of vehicles driving on the way you approach a stop should be to develop the habit of safe taxiing

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February 17 2012


1.5T Auto Engine Property and Action

The technical equipment used in addition to Chang'an the DVVT into the dual variable exhaust valve timing system, the other variable only in the side of the intake valve timing technology. This technology is no longer magic, has become an indispensable equipment of modern gasoline engines.

In addition, Chang'an and BYD also introduced direct injection with certain technical content. This technology is through the direct fuel injection to the cylinder, to some extent, reduce fuel consumption while increasing battery for lenovo ideapad y450 engine power. But anything that is contradictory, complex, its disadvantage is the oil more critical, and this oil has nothing to do with the fuel grade, the exact means of fuel cleanliness, especially in the case of domestic oil mixed the use of poor quality gasoline will often lead to the occurrence of engine failure. According to the information given by the official, the production of the Great Wall 1.5T engine only 93 gasoline can, BYD's 1.5T is also true.

For consumers, the purchase of ordinary family cars, meet the power demand will be very much in mind the fuel economy, then the small displacement supercharged engine can pursue both. Very same time, consumers care about engine durability, in fact, is already in mass production is still in the prototype stage, the quality of the product must always give top priority.

Changan 1.5T: performance of the most powerful to achieve a power level of the public 1.8TSI the face of such stuff can not help but worry about its durability nikon en-el8 battery and adaptability of the oil should be said that the gap between the ideal and the reality is still very large.

China 1.5T: no fancy technology, the equivalent of a turbine on the basis of the naturally aspirated engine, although the performance in general, but the technology is relatively mature, reliable, if they can provide a longer warranty period, is worth consideration.

Great Wall 1.5T: the success of mass production, the performance parameters are 4 ranked last, but the first product stability, while the long warranty can dispel the worries of consumers.

BYD 1.5T: 1.5T engine already in mass production performance the best, and the introduction of direct injection technology, which is a big step in the development of BYD in the field of engine, but shorter warranty time is also difficult to obtain consumer widely recognized.

For consumers, by looking at the data can be discharged one seating, but after all this is simply the power system, when they match to a different vehicle, the actual feeling of power is another matter. In this, we can focus on a more realistic car data - peak torque speed. The face of often stop and go city traffic, the vehicle in low speed range torque output will be directly related to vehicle dynamics and fuel economy. Lower peak torque speed, allowing vehicles into the excited stage earlier.

The four-cylinder supercharged engine has been fully T BMW launched the N20, you can then enter in the 1250rpm peak torque output range, matching the curb weight of nearly 1.5 tons of the body, will not start the early part of people feel the power missing. Here, BYD 1750rpm of peak torque compaq presario c500 laptop AC adapter output speed is undoubtedly more suitable for city driving.

Of course, by adjusting the transmission gear ratio can compensate for the engine's low speed torque, but in the stalls with limited hardware conditions in favor of low speed torque output gear ratio adjustment, you can not take into account the fuel economy of vehicles in high-speed cruising, so that If the inherent advantages of the engine is good enough, then the post-adjustment of the powertrain is more at ease.

New, consumers tend to have doubts, and autonomous vehicle brand has launched a small-displacement turbocharged engine, even more will all play a question mark on the reliability of the product. Great Wall on the engine's warranty policy is 5 years or 150,000 kilometers, BYD is 3 years or 80,000 kilometers dell inspiron 1420 battery details, the remaining manufacturer unknown. The manufacturer's warranty policy, everyone will have a different interpretation of vendors based on what kind of consideration, a longer warranty policy the ultimate beneficiaries or owners. But I also believe that a mature vendor will not be a market without large-scale reliability test engine hastily. However, mature product will still be a failure rate, but must be within the controllable range, otherwise one user reputation, the second is a higher claim rate will also affect the firm's profit.

Own brand for the first time studied under the field of small-displacement turbocharged engine, the relatively conservative power adjustment may be out of product stability considerations, but the excellent performance parameters represents a higher level of technology. Therefore, the excellent dynamic at the same time if able to do a good product stability, it is important to dispel the concerns of consumers, then this product is worth rest assured to buy a longer warranty period.

Tengyi C50 equipped with the 1.5T engine and BYD G6, already on the market, but can buy only a manual transmission models. At the same time, the Great Wall is also stepping up its first 6AT transmission matching, and BYD perhaps also out of debugging on dual-clutch transmission nikon coolpix p5000 battery charger, resulting in automatic G6 models have been listed without a price. It should be said on the match of the automatic transmission, such as vehicle acceleration is smooth enough, the transfer efficiency engine power can be unfolded, manufacturers there are a lot of work to do.

Automobile manufacturers invested enormous financial and human resources of an engine to develop and successfully post-partum, it will certainly make the best use. Only when the results are widely equipped to its models, the cost may be reduced, and eventually will produce profits. Great Wall 1.5T engine is likely to be equipped to Harvard H6 does not rule out the level of sales strategy with the introduction of a small car to the dazzling or M2.

China is currently able to determine the 1.5T engine will be equipped with H530 and V5 two car, but also can not forget the good sales of FRV 1.5T is likely to be the assembly on the laptop batteries FRV Cross Edition to replace the dependence of Brilliance Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi Motors Engine.

China's peak torque output of the 1.5T engine speed is 2200rpm, is the highest in the product. Not mass production, manufacturers still have plenty of time to do further adjustments. Changan's 1.5T engine whether it is on the technical aspects of performance indicators are the best here, but is currently the most distant from us, we hope it is successful as soon as possible the battery sony np-fg1 mass production, because this kind of engine performance, even in the joint venture brands called a wonderful work.

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January 13 2012


Small Keyboard Big Secret

Key role in the blue

TrackPoint in the key and blue combination, can be used as a magnifying glass or a scroll wheel. By the properties of the TrackPoint Scrolling options that enable the TrackPoint scrolling techniques. Press the blue button battery for canon 450d rebel xsi, move up and down TrackPoint, you can control the scroll bar up and down the screen, very flexible, and can control the left and right scroll bar; through the TrackPoint property selection Magnifying Grass, you can press the button to display the local "amplification" , you can set the magnification and enlarged portion size. The task tray in the lower right corner of the screen there is a small icon TrackPoint, through which you can quickly select.

How to quickly enter numbers

Desktop keyboard has a dedicated numeric keypad, to the need to quickly enter the number of people a lot of convenience in a notebook keyboard has a numeric keypad. To enable or disable the numeric keypad, press and hold Shift, then press NumLk (ScrLk), so MJKLUIO789 key 0123456789 respectively a, /; p0 is +-*/。 To disable the numeric keypad, repeat Shift + NumLk. IBM also offers a dedicated numeric battery hp pavilion dv9700z keypad, through UltraBay 2000 interface, more professional and easy to use, this option number 22P7330, will also be required to use a number 22P5737 bay.

When the liquid spilled on the keyboard

Although the ThinkPad keyboard is an excellent waterproof keyboard, but when the liquid spilled on the keyboard, they still need proper treatment, because most liquids are conductive, so spill the liquid on the keyboard may cause a large number of short circuit, which may not repair the damage caused by computer. Although immediately turn off the computer power will be lost some data and content, but still let the computer if the power is turned on may cause the computer unusable. The correct way is: First, make sure you and your AC power adapter (if in use) did not cause short circuit between the liquid, so as to avoid dell vostro 1000 AC adapter electric shock causing injury. If you enter a lot of liquid, please turn off the power and the computer quickly, to the repair station for processing.

If you enter a small amount of liquid, please proceed as follows: immediately and carefully unplug the AC power adapter. Immediately turn off the computer. If your computer does not turn off power, remove the battery. The faster off the current through the computer, reducing the damage caused by short circuit on the computer the greater the likelihood. Hold the computer monitor and keyboard carefully, remove the computer over hard drives, optical drives and other peripherals external laptop battery charger. The computer upside down, water absorption capacity of the keyboard on a surface. Wait until all the liquid had been drained identified only after the turn on the computer, you can use to help you quickly dry hair dryer, pay attention to set the temperature to low temperature.

How to adjust the sensitivity of TrackPoint

TrackPoint is very sensitive, but it varies, some people like to use a little force, some people like light; TrackPoint these properties can be changed, adjust the sensitivity, specific steps are as follows: Click "Control Panel" button to open the "Mouse Properties" window , click the TrackPoint apple a1175 battery replacement option. TrackPoint mouse will be located under the slider bar towards the blow or tap. Click Apply. In the "Mouse Properties" window is still open the case, how to test the new settings TrackPoint respond. That the sensitivity of the right, click OK.

How to turn off touchpad

In some ThinkPad models, the use of positioning UltraNav multi-pointing device. This facilitates the user used the touchpad, touchpad and TrackPoint can be used simultaneously, can also be used separately, through the nikon coolpix s6000 battery charger "Control Panel" in the "TrackPoint" property options can be set.

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December 19 2011


Improve Fun to Drive Unscramble Rearwheel Steering System

Turning the vehicle driving characteristics. Steering characteristics can generally be divided into understeer, neutral steering and oversteer three cases.

Enhance safety and driving pleasure
① understeer in bends in the performance of the actual vehicle steering angle acer travelmate 800 battery than the front of the rotation angle is small, there is the outside front wheel sliding, this turn is also commonly known as "Tuitou."
② oversteer for the vehicle in the performance of the actual bend angle than the front wheel steering angle of rotation, there is the outside rear wheel sliding.
③ neutral shift in the bend in the performance of the vehicle's actual front wheel steering angle is exactly the rotation angle, the steering characteristics can often achieve the maximum turning speed, but it also reduces the driver of the vehicle close to a certain extent, the physical limits subjective feelings.

For the front-drive is, in the event of understeer, it can be resolved by reducing the speed. But if there is a more serious turn over the direction you need to play against and with the fuel to pass, which is the drift of skills, but it's very demanding of drivers. So, in general, ordinary civilian samsung SLB-10A charger car on the steering characteristics of adjustment will tend to slight understeer in order to ensure driving stability.

Rear-wheel steering on the vehicle steering characteristics

Understanding of the vehicle's steering characteristics, we look at the overall rear-wheel steering of the vehicle steering characteristics will produce what kind of impact. There is the same with the front wheel rear-wheel steering and reverse the two cases, and both cases will demonstrate two completely different steering characteristics. Is simply to increase with the lack of steering, reverse increasing oversteer. Vehicle at low speeds, rear and front wheels through a reverse rotation to be increased oversteer. High-speed vehicles in an emergency lane change situation, without any help of electronic aids, is prone to oversteer tendency, through the rear wheel to produce a small but very important shift in the same direction with the front wheel is can make up for sony ccd-trv101 battery oversteer tendency, which would allow a better car balance.

The vehicle when cornering, the wheels touch the ground area and wheel alignment will lead to changes in steering characteristics change. It should be said, rear-wheel steering technology can make up for the use of inflated rubber tire vehicle steering mechanism caused the birth defects. This rear-wheel steering is more like ESP system works, that is, high-speed movement of vehicles, by braking one or a few wheels to maintain vehicle attitude stability.

Rear steering is currently achieved mainly through two ways, one is to achieve through the mechanical structure, the other is achieved by electrical or hydraulic. Achieved by mechanical rear-wheel steering is often passive, usually relying on the ground when the vehicle turns to the lateral friction to produce a small range of steering wheel, here we take a look at Citroen's rear servo mark steering technology.

The structure is very simple, it is not a complete layout of the rear wheel steering body, and only in the rear wheel and suspension, suspension and body hp compaq nx6310 battery arranged between a number of rubber cushion, suspension and body through the rubber to achieve flexible connection, there is a certain flexibility in the rubber, so the car turns, the rear suspension connection points of the rubber pad in the lateral force can occur under a certain degree of elastic deformation, so as to drive the wheels to do a certain angle changes. The steering angle depends on the hardness of the rubber cushion. The more soft rubber pad, the greater the rear wheel steering angle variable, but the suspension stiffness to reduce the stability is poor, the more hard-rubber cushion, rear-wheel steering angle smaller, but the suspension stiffness, high stability. Therefore, the design is required to balance the advantages and disadvantages, according to the actual use of the car to do adjust the focus, in general, rear-wheel steering angle of 3 degrees in the following. Although this is a passive steering mechanism, but its structure is relatively simple, low-tech, low cost. So it can be applied in a number of economy cars, such as the Citroen models and so on.

Finally, we look at the use of motor rotation to take the initiative to drive the rear wheels BMW 7 Series models. For large luxury car, the continual lengthening of the wheelbase of the car brought a good space, comfortable ride, but it also brought the vehicle's handling of certain negative effects. Whether it is the turning radius at low speeds or high speed stability camera battery ca will be compromised. By joining the rear-wheel steering system can compensate for the increased wheelbase vehicle driving characteristics of the impact, while allowing a luxury car also has a good driving pleasure. The active rear wheel steering system, the principle is not complicated, is a screw-nut body, motor-driven screw drive nut axial movement. This produces axial movement will lead to a slight steering wheel when the speed at 60km / h or more, with the rear and front wheel deflection and enhance high-speed cornering stability. In the 60km / h below the reverse deflection and increase the flexibility of the vehicle.

Sets of active rear wheel steering system mainly focused on tech control system, the work casio np-20 charger, it needs to accept a variety of dynamic vehicles driving signal, and then integrated to determine the output of a phase appropriate steering angle, any calculation errors are likely to causing the vehicle to lose control, especially in high-speed driving.

For the civilian car, a slight lack of steering characteristics can guarantee the stability of vehicles, but vehicles tend to have high-speed cornering oversteer, then through the rear-wheel steering system that can compensate for this risk of oversteer caused by driving while For medium and large cars and luxury vehicles, the rear-wheel steering allows the vehicle at low speed is more flexible, high-speed cornering apple a1189 battery and more stability, so that the same driving fun.

November 14 2011


Family Save Electricity Tips

Saving energy is the most in today's society advocated a new type of environmentally friendly, energy-saving ideas to develop good, let your life to avoid any waste of resources.

1, when the volume to watch the amount of

Flat-panel TV sound depends on the speaker's own power, the greater the power the greater it sounds, the power consumption also increases, the volume can be open to hear clear enough, so you can power-saving, not will wake the neighbors. TV sound system can also increase the service life.

2, the TV brightness too high is power

Flat-panel TV's brightness and there is no need to 100%, generally use 50% or slightly higher brightness can be, to know 100% brighter than the darkest brightness of more than 50% increase in power consumption to the level seen "brightness of the "energy-saving effect of flat-panel TV is very important.

3, on standby power consumption

When watching TV with a remote control turn off the TV only, not press the power button, the TV is not real power, but only in standby mode, the LCD TV in this state will still be there a few watts of power consumption Although not high, when the accumulation of the long run it will be very substantial. So after watching the TV must remember off the TV.

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August 06 2011


High-Profit App Store Internet Applications Recommend

Apple App Store such a high profit contribution indeed contributed, but in the data, we see in the App Store, Apple's share of revenue accounted for only 1% of total revenue, therefore, on the other hand, hardware or the bn-vf823 absolute current in the bulk of Apple's revenue, but like the iPhone and Apple's iPad is an absolute star product, so for Apple its will through various means to promote sales of both products.

iPad borrow the iPhone camera: BlueCam - Premium Edition
Size: 4.6MB

Apple iPad 2 in addition to 33% of the latitude d505 thin body and significantly improved performance outside the camera's accession is also one of its revolutionary progress, so for those with iPad 2 users, eliminating the need for using a mobile phone camera, and then spread on the iPad tedious process. However, according to the current market, the overall situation, iPad 2 or less than the total share of iPad generation, so there will be a problem that many users are not able to appreciate the fun of taking pictures iPad.

However, if you have an iPhone, then this problem seems to be able to understand from person to person. Prerequisite is that you need are installed on the iPhone and the iPad a software called BlueCam, its application can be characterized by the use of Bluetooth wireless control iPhone iPad lens to take pictures, but also be able to transfer images to each other iDevice devices, voice and location, You can also grab the iPhone on the iPad lens photographed image.

Concrete steps, first download the software to BlueCam were installed to your iPhone and iPad, set to open the vostro 1500 Bluetooth software running, then it will automatically search for your iPhone or iPad, opt for two equipment to connect. After the successful connection, iPad will become a monitor screen, while the zoom control in the iPad, color and camera time. Of course, you can see on the iPad is the iPhone camera photographed the scene through Bluetooth over.

Bluetooth Phone
Size: 2.4MB

In fact, as long as you can always find good to explore the interesting side of a small application, this application will include Bluetooth Phone to the author of this article is actually one of my personal feelings. Because I really like and drive around with friends to drive, so basically every 2 to 3 cars must travel, and road and other cars often need friends to keep in contact, really is a call not a small overhead, and send information and seems to be rather cumbersome, so often as each vehicle is equipped with a dsc-w130 charger walkie-talkie communication at any time convenient to the road.

However, sometimes a long road since, so often there will be no power of radio, it will be very inconvenient, however, Bluetooth Phone software, you can avoid this situation occurs without radio are available, because it is a turn your iPad and iPhone turned into a radio software, even if the lack of road equipment, electric power, you can directly use USB charging.

To do is to download the Bluetooth Phone, respectively, to the iPad and iPhone, open the Bluetooth implementation of the software, press "Connect" to connect, nikon d40 camera battery then you can transform your iPhone into a wireless iPad and a walkie-talkie. Of course, as a wireless intercom equipment, must have distance limitations, according to official data presented show that both the effective distance of 60 feet, then converted over 19 meters. In addition, it also supports an external headset and microphone, but can also be switched to silent mode and use the Morse telegraph password, hp pavilion tx1000 can be described as very useful.

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August 01 2011


Use Camera or Phone to Enjoy Self-timer

With a camera filming yourself. The subject is yourself, the object is shot yourself. In the main object is a special film characteristics, the impact of many works of their own unique self. Shooting to do some preparation work to ensure that achieve the best results out of the picture.

Camera and cable release. Since the self-timer when they have to face the camera in to shoot the picture, if they do not take the camera, then how to press the shutter it? Let us use the shutter release is either in the screen, they can press the canon nb-5l chargers camera's way.

Need to use mechanical camera shutter line. No electronic control mechanical camera bodies, if not from taking pictures, you need a longer shutter release, shutter release when shooting line can hold in your hand. The downside is:
1, and the camera is limited.
2, shutter release easily exposed in the photo. However, many photographers like the shutter cord is exposed, to show the unique properties of the self-timer.
3, mechanical cameras generally can not use the electronic shutter release, only the use of metal wire or pneumatic shutter release shutter

Electronic or digital camera can use the remote shutter. Almost all digital SLR cameras and advanced electronic film will have a matching remote control remote shooting, shooting from distance constraints, this camera is very easy to use self-timer. Digital cameras and film cameras a huge difference is that digital cameras can shoot at the scene immediately see the results, and adjust the shooting. The film camera can not do, so advantage is particularly obvious. As the self-timer for the composition uncertainties, high-pixel camera, large format cameras cut in the nikon coolpix s600 charger latter part of the composition on the Gengshuang.

The most important tool for self-timer is not camera, but is commonly used in mobile phones. Now the phone comes with shooting, you can always take your cell phone every state. Phone not only as a digital camera as you can with the film to watch, part of the phone also features while watching film, that is, the display facing you, like a mirror, like to control their facial expressions, lighting, shot composition and control is very convenient. Not only a self-timer shot. You can also find a friend or assistant to help, choose the composition, their position on the screen, focus, and ultimately to a friend or assistant to help press the shutter button! The downside is that the shutter is not in his hands, grasp of the moment will be somewhat less certain. For example, I shot, the feel of natural expression, when he will press the shutter, and if the commission assistant shooting friends, they do not necessarily find or grasp, if you personally tell them "you can press the shutter," and that their expression will be changed.

If not, their hands holding the camera self-timer, that tripod is necessary. Large tripod suitable for outdoor use, wind or unknown factors are likely to shake the tripod, this time protected by the camera on a tripod weight. And small tripod for small cameras in the room with the use of small flexible. For the self-timer, the wide-angle or standard lens is very appropriate. Standard lens can be expressed in an accurate perspective of human vision, great sense of the scene. Holding the camera for himself, the angle is almost essential, because only it can fill the screen not to face, will take the environment into the picture. Wide-angle lens is far smaller nearly particularly strong sense of perspective, the camera 45 degrees on top of the self-timer, you can put the eye looks great.

Portrait lens or a telephoto lens sony np-fh50 battery is not particularly convenient when the self-timer. There are two reasons:
1, they will require you to shoot farther than when the station, then you control the camera would be limited.
2, their composition and the stations you have higher accuracy requirements, to take telephoto shots of the photographers have this experience: that it will run out of moving objects slightly outside the screen. Therefore, in composition and their stations will be more difficult.

But they also have a unique place:
1 portrait lens will let you face the screen ratio is more accurate perspective, (but not necessarily exactly like you, like the exaggerated effect is necessary to use wide-angle lens.)
2, the picture is telephoto lens will produce the feeling of peeping and shoot.

Costumes for the self-timer who would have a negligible impact, what kind of shape it means that you are what kind of identity or philosophy. Naked from the cost point of no money to buy clothes, naked from the full sense of the original charm, out of sense of identity, is naked from the effect is to attract people's attention. Here we have to remind about naked shooting to note a few points.

After all, the photos released over exposed is likely to be restricted by law, the bare branch was too dangerous as illegal pornographic pictures, too many bare limit the spread of work. Specific scale law does not clearly explain, in general, does not reveal "lower body" attitude moderate photos is no problem. Nude with some sexy moves will bring the feeling, whether the author to be very sexy to be considered, because many times we take the subject of nude sexy not to express, and if sex is too much prominence, and we want to express the subject would be impaired or even ignored.

Many people like to play the self-timer to play different roles to take. Prices for the world's most expensive photograph is by photographer Cindy Sherman self-popular dell vostro 1710 battery role-playing and photography. Ordinary clothing can be bought on the network, the special role of clothing can be customized to find manufacturers, can also be video-based clothing shop to rent.

Self-shooting and general field shooting the biggest difference is: the photographer is also a master creator of images, but also a picture of the protagonist, the conflict the most impact when shooting? How to solve?

In the composition, the photographer I am not in the picture, this is a substitute or a frame of reference need to help the composition. A considerable body of friends is the best choice, with particular attention to the need for concerted because as height, height difference in the camera lens, it is very obvious. Without the help of friends, you need to find a reference composition.
1, in the position to be taken to find a recent reference, such as columns, walls;
2, standing on the edge of reference, be marked in accordance with their own body, must be clearly marked, can not leave traces of colorful sticky tape to mark canon powershot s95 battery.
3, back to the front of the camera viewfinder, the viewfinder to adjust the composition according to Mark.

In the self-composition, our composition can be loose not tight, that is, you can get into the picture a little more so in the post-cut room for adjustment there, and if the composition too tight, post-cut room is very small . This also reminds us that high-pixel camera, large format cameras cut in the latter part of the composition would be better. The same focus and composition, can be used for reference. After the auto-focus camera, auto focus lens to AF function can be converted to manual MF, so press the shutter, the camera will not focus the re-focus that ran.

For focusing the camera manually focusing scale is another way to measure the focus, you can measure their own pace on the focus distance from the camera, usually in complex steps (two steps is a complex steps, each step re- about 1.5 m) field units of measurement. Stride of different sizes, to the measured accurately, it should always practice, and gradually form a standard pace (every complex step 1.5 m). If there is a long measuring tape, the amount of distance can be more accurate. Pointer on the camera lens to adjust to the corresponding distance scale is complete focus. And the depth of field is an issue related to the problem. In the course of the self-timer, focus, after all, not toshiba satellite a105-s4094 battery against themselves, so little depth of field should be the subject of some in order to ensure clear, there is a large number of aperture F value, which also ensures the station in case there were some deviations or more range of motion large, the theme remains clear.
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July 06 2011


Camera Frame Conception for Freshers

Camera frame

Recently, the company launched the Nikon FX full-frame digital SLR, simply put, the so-called frame for a traditional film camera, the film is the (film) in size, for digital cameras, the size of the device is sensitive. The greater the use of film, the greater the frame.

We used to use the traditional 135 film SLR camera, using 35mm film, the frame size of 36mm × 24mm. As the camera used 135 film, formerly known film, the sony laptop battery vgp-bps8 width of the film (including the bottom of the perforations) is 35mm, therefore the camera with a 35mm film called this film. In addition to 35mm frame size of 135, there are 6 × 4.5,6 × 6 and 6 × 7 medium format and 4 × 5 and 8 × 10 large format.

Note that the figures do not arbitrarily determine the frame size, for example, do not think the frame than the 4 × 5 6 × 7 of the frame is small, because a variety of frame size unit is not the same. The unit is 135 mm with the frame, the frame with the unit is cm, and a large frame with the inches.

The concept refers specifically to 135 full-frame camera frame. Because we are using digital SLR, formerly known as 135 film SLR. If the camera is light-sensitive hp battery pavilion dv7-1000ea device size and the same size as 35mm film or very close to that full-frame, also known as FX frame. Such as the Nikon D3 and D700. Nikon digital SLR but did not start using a 35mm film of the specification, but first introduced APS-C frame SLR, the format specification, also known as DX frame, the light-sensitive device size 24 × 16mm or so, for example, D80, D200 and D300 and so on.

In addition, the camp of digital SLR Olympus and Panasonic also use 4 / 3 size of the frame, and small digital what 2 / 3 inch, 1/2.5 inch, 1/1.8 inch size, etc., are complex . A more intuitive description, or borrow a diagram, so that we see at a glance and a variety of full-frame full-frame size is less than the relationship between:

Full-frame lenses and DX format lenses

Since the Nikon digital SLR nikon coolpix 3700 battery there were two specifications, then they would look at the corresponding lens. Conceptually, the big Nikon lens 135 is divided into two kinds of full frame and DX format lenses. Nikon lens over the past 135 are used in the film plane, so you can put the old Nikon lenses and all new full-frame lenses is called full-frame lens.

In recent years, in order to adapt to the Nikon DX-format cameras, Nikon has introduced some of the D200 designed for such use DX format lenses, such as 18-200VR/f3.5-5.6 and 17-55mm/f2.8 and so on. Therefore, when compaq battery presario cq60 we choose the lens when it is often in full-frame and wavering between a DX frame.

1 full-frame digital SLR camera with a lens on what will happen?

Full-frame digital SLR camera with the lens should be said that basically no problem, even if used in a full-frame digital SLR, at most, is surrounded by some of the hidden corners of them as digital cameras, photographic devices feature reasons, the more oblique light sensitive. If it is used in the DX format digital SLR is even more not a problem, because the battery en-el10 DX format but with a full frame camera like the middle part of the field, while the lens is often the middle of the field as part of the highest resolution.

2. DX format lenses can be used in full-frame digital SLR on it?

As the DX format lenses as small field, so in order to make it all filled with full-frame image size is not possible, in other words, only with full-frame camera in the middle part of the light-sensitive device to photograph, if you have to be As a full-frame lens, so this result is the following, then four weeks is not hidden corners, and become a serious dark circles: the

Therefore, in order to solve the DX lenses in FX digital SLR on the continued use of the problem d200 battery, D3 and D700 are used in tailoring the format, that is, when you put a DX lens, just 12 million pixels with about 500 million pixels in the imaging.

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June 29 2011


Enjoy Malaysia Cheap Moving Communication Life

Malaysia is one of the countries with higher mobile phone penetration rate in the third quarter of 2006 had reached 81.6% penetration rate. The current one-way mobile communication system of charges, the user can receive free incoming calls in addition to international roaming outside, and receive text messages for free and enjoy the smooth communication between the fun.

Malaysia currently has three main mobile operators, which, under the premise of fair competition, each did her best to attract customers. Malaysian Communications in the tariff, technology, service standards and customer rights and other aspects of the development of the relevant regulations and guidelines. The tariff for mobile communications, the government provides for tariff cap of no more than the highest tariff under the premise of the mobile operators themselves may be priced according to market conditions, the government generally does not intervene.

Malaysia is currently the largest market share of mobile operators Maxis. The company also offers prepaid and postpaid services. To Maxis postpaid services, for example, every 30 seconds for a billing unit, the user call Maxis users, other mobile users and fixed phone operators charge different. Company offers a variety of tariff packages for users, and for all post-paid mobile phone users free voice mail service. As a result of one-way fee will be automatically transferred to landline phone the practice is not common. If the signal is transferred to landline phones, answering parties need to pay for the services and fixed telephone charges.

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Operators according to the caller's geographical location and receive side of the registered location to determine whether the same should be local call or by field telephone charges. Calls on international roaming, where users pay in addition to mobile operators in the country under the tariff, the Maxis separate charge for 10% of the fee.

In addition, when making international roaming calls, answer side also need to pay. But in order for the user to save mobile communication costs, the company launched an international roaming user "* 120 *" preferential service, the user back to Maxis Mobile network, customers can save up to 80% of the calls. Once users start international roaming, Maxis will tell the user via SMS if the opening of the country, "* 120 *" service and the call charges are more favorable than the Maxis network. Malaysian Government has included in the 3G mobile communications services industry's future development direction. Maxis has launched video calling and mobile TV products, including video calls and voice charges roughly the same general.

June 09 2011


Camera Auto-Focus Institutions

Camera Auto-Focus Institutions

In the dynamic image of the filming process, the distance between the camera and the subject is constantly changing, so often beyond the scope of depth of field blurring. In order to maintain a clear image to be changing the focus of the lens position, so that the image is always kept clear. This process is known as the location of regulatory focus focus or focus.

Front of the lens camera with a dedicated focus lenses, including the lateral and medial two lenses, by changing the position of focusing lens group can be achieved by focusing dell studio 1735 battery purposes. Currently the auto-focus camera lens many ways can be divided into two types: one is an active focus, methods and ultrasonic methods, including infrared; another focus for the passive, are more representative of a Canon developed its own "solid-state triangulation "system (SST, Solid State Triangulation) and the newly popular TTL mode.

Home video camera is usually used in active focus, the principle is that when the lens at the target, by the device in the bottom of the camera lens in a group of transmitters, infrared or ultrasonic issued by the subject is reflected back, and then the camera infrared sensors or ultrasonic sensors to receive down to determine the distance measured from the drive according to the camera's focusing device together real focus. The benefits are not subject to the impact of lighting conditions, in complete darkness at work. But not through the glass work on the absorption of infrared or ultrasonic objects, distant objects can not work properly.

The professional camera to use more passive focus. SST approach works: the light from the subject through the fixed mirror, respectively, and movable mirror and then reflected to the two lenses and a triangular prism, were irradiated in the detection sensor, so that transformed into electrical signals sony np-fh50 battery. Then obtained by the microcomputer processor analyzes the information to calculate and the subject is the same distance, control the focusing lens focusing motors work. TTL mode structure is relatively simple: directly from the CCD sensor cameras out the back of the video signal, and then by computer processing, according to the returned data to adjust the autofocus lens body. Have the correct long-range focus, focus does not parallax, etc., the downside is that when the light is dim and low contrast between the subject does not work.

Camera focus operator

Typically, to ensure the clarity of the screen shot is one of the most basic requirements camera, and focused regulation to ensure image clarity most important part, the camera focused on the image resolution process is the process of adjustment.

In actual operation, are generally pushed to the wide-angle to zoom lens position (W) to conduct focus, depth of field range for this time, the focus can be easily implemented together. We observed through the viewfinder image clarity the situation until satisfied. Poly real focus, and then sliding the zoom lever to adjust the lens to the desired composition Scene, the focus will not change during zooming. The use of telephoto position (T), focusing more difficult. Especially when shooting at close range, be sure to adjust the kodak klic-7001 battery lens focal length maximum.

At present, all of the cameras, have auto-focus function, a little bit too high with the manual focus. In the automatic mode can satisfy the majority of shooting conditions, unless you are a seasoned cameraman, or rely on the camera or the first automated system for good.

However, we know auto-focus system is not a panacea, various forms of auto-focus has its own characteristics, but also has its certain limitations, in many cases need to rely on manual focus. Example, the figure is the subject as a major deviation from the center of the screen at the edge of the screen, use the manual focus method is: first cut auto focus to manual, aimed at being the subject so that it is the center of the screen, and adjust the resolution to the most good, re-use focus lock function will lock in a fixed position, then re-composition, back to the original position.

Automatic focusing system greatly influenced by the brightness of the subject. When lit, auto-aperture narrow depth of field becomes deeper, wider range of focus, focus easily. In this case, the body was taken to move or to shift camera, pan, it will not appear as the focus is not achieved; and dark apple a1175 battery lighting in the shooting subject, because the lens aperture wide open, shallow depth of field, focus will be difficult . The best solution is to increase the illumination of the subject.

Auto Focus problem

Auto focus camera device is the center of the screen to focus the general benchmark. Only a very small center of the screen auto-focus detection range is the range, the small objects within the focus automatically gather real, that is, if the subject is not within the range center of the screen, auto focus deviation occurs. In addition, the automatic focusing system by the light, brightness, and other conditions of the subject matter a great impact, in some cases there will be special focus deviation, the best in these situations safer to use manual focus.

Automatic focusing system for the following objectives or in the following shooting conditions, the auto focus device is often an error to judge, if there is difficulty in auto-focus, you need to use manual focus:

I. Center of the screen away from the scene can not get the right focus. This is because the auto-focus system is the center of the image subject to regulation.

II. Taken close to the object side away from the camera, the other side very far away. Camera lens olympus li-50b battery is a certain depth, for depth of field beyond the scope of its objects being photographed, the camera can not focus on one while in the foreground and background objects.

III. Shoot one in the dirty, dusty or objects behind the glass of water droplets. This is because it will focus on the glass. And not focus on objects behind the glass. Please snapping the glass window before shooting shooting.

IV. Shooting in the fences, nets, tree rows or columns when the subject after the AF is difficult to work.

V. A shooting in the dark objects in the environment. As the light enters the lens greatly decreased, the camera can not focus properly.

VI. Shooting surface shiny, light reflection is too strong or too bright around the target. As the camera focused on the surface is smooth or high reflective objects, the subject will be blurred target.

VII. Focus shooting fast moving objects more difficult. Because the focusing lens inside the mechanical movement, can not keep up with fast moving objects. When the universal laptop AC adapter system tracking shot, it will make the scenes out of focus and potential fluctuations in the focus of two states.

VII. In the back of the target moving objects. Auto-focus system will be mistaken for a moving object shooting the objective of the focus.

VIII. Contrast is too weak or non-shooting the target vertical profile. As the camera focus to achieve is to establish the direction of the vertical line in the image contrast objects such as white walls may become the vague side.

IX. In rain, snow or ground water, the auto focus system may not focus properly.

X. If your camera is a way of infrared or ultrasonic auto-focus, when the subject when you can absorb infrared or ultrasonic focusing difficulties; subject is far from the bp-945 infrared or ultrasonic focus when the subject is difficult to reach.

June 08 2011


List for Laptop Common Troubles

Laptop as a tool to help our work and life more convenience, however, when we use it, there are some problems that we can not solve. There are some lists about common trouble you may met:

Screen-axis problem

Screen as the laptop screen and the host axis connecting the main parts, the extent of the damage is also high, mainly caused by improper operation. Overturned in our daily use of time to even force the screen, do not hold the force pulling one end of the screen to avoid screen shaft fracture sony dsc-w50 battery.

If you have broken the screen axis, it is necessary and timely repair, so as not to pull the bad is all a long time Shouli Bu shell, the shell of the price is not cheap Yo! Screen is also very likely to pull off the shaft caused the problems we have to say below.

USB problems

USB device is currently the most widely used external storage devices, many people believe that USB hot-swappable, can easily plug USB. USB device in the computer mainly attributed to the direct management of South Bridge, is likely to result if the hot bridge burned properly. South Bridge as the main motherboard chips, the maintenance of high prices, so we use the usual must pay attention to some of their own bad habits.

Heat dissipation

Laptop cooling problem is also one of the most frequently asked questions. Laptops in use for a long time sony np-bn1 battery, the heat sink, the keyboard often a lot of dust or floc rapidly, resulting in frequent crashes laptop problem, you can touch the outlet, the keyboard surface, laptop back so aware of symptoms.

For the thermal problem, we do not use a sharp tool in trying to clear the dust into the fan, so as to avoid damage to the fan page, CPU fan and heat sink is made together, if fan page is damaged, can cause improper cooling, noise increases, serious need to replace the fan, CPU fan because the cost is very expensive, so we had better develop a good habit of regular cleaning of the notebook, and a service point for long-term cooperation, thus saving costs and avoid dismantling the damaged This is to specify the sony pcga-bp71 battery store we often similar haircut.

Memory compatibility issues

On the compatibility of memory on the desktop we can see, but especially in a notebook, the memory will often cause the machine is not compatible can not start, run the program blue screen and other failures. If your machine can have such trouble yourself before you completely removed a memory, If the problem is the memory compatibility issues.

So the best time to buy memory, buy both at the same time at the same time, the same brand of memory, and try to select some brands of memory, and their compatibility will be much better. In fact, do not have to idle the memory removed, if your complaint is not a regular there, you can better memory compatibility into the closed beta, bad place outside, in the time convenient plug problem.

Power Interface issues

Interface problems may be troubled by the electronic products a common problem. The laptop interface to the main square and round two. We found a square in the hp pavilion dv6 battery maintenance of the interface caused by poor contact more problems, the plug is not convenient, very easy to cause internal prop welding, plus welding experience this problem is only a temporary, permanent solution is to change the radio interfaces .

Many friends may think it is just a small problem, if prolonged exposure to bad, can cause internal power management chip notebook damage, resulting in the failure can not boot laptop, replacement power management chips cost about a few hundred dollars, and likely Can not find a match for the power management chip machine caused the reported charges.

Lamp and the pressure plate problems

LCD backlight lamp as a source of damage will cause no backlight issues, this problem can be judged by an external display, high-pressure plate to provide power as the screen is easily damaged parts, performance, and a similar sony DSC-TX5 battery lamp, is relatively simple to repair .

Password problems

Because the password is stored in the professional notebook chip, and the board is not the same way through the discharge can be solved, so we set a password when we must pay attention, can not set the password to try not to set up multi-layer, for the forgotten login password, leaves the mountains we can crack the code and other software tools in the crack, for some more professional password cracker, the best to the professional repair shop in your professional crack.

System problems

Desktop systems are now better made, the driver is also easy to install, but the notebook dell studio 1535 battery computer, notebook with the chip architecture vary widely, and some notebook drives during the installation process more cumbersome, a number of power management, touch screen, large memory , the graphics card will need the original machine installation disc in the drive when not fully marked on the system is running may cause problems, so when you install the laptop drive to a professional repair shop to install.

May 31 2011


Outdoor Portraiture Skill for Camera Skill

In portrait mode, the camera will automatically open to a larger aperture value, the effect of using the aperture to blur the background. This can make people more visible. On the other hand, the camera will automatically color photos of some processing, while increasing the exposure of the sony np-ft1 charger facial skin to make people look more white, while slightly pink, and further improve the level of beautification.

Use portrait mode shooting is relatively simple, as long as the viewfinder, aim the task of recording our half press the shutter on a good focus, and then structure a good map, press the shutter on it. Note that the first focus, after the composition. If you first composition, focus and then half-press the shutter, the focus is likely not on the characters face, the results of other places out of the picture is very clear, while the figure's face is a bit empty. Though most of the cameras now comes with face recognition feature that automatically sets the focus will face in the figures, but we recommend you use the right nikon coolpix s550 battery charger tactics, after all, when other subjects in the shooting, we also need to composition after focusing The.

This approach, more suitable for outdoor use when shooting a better environment, such as a more adequate natural light, light environment is good and so on. If we want to further enhance the independence, shoot better pictures, you can not rely excessively on portrait mode, this time, we would recommend you to: aperture priority file, that is, we often say that A-files. A file used, we can adjust themselves to the aperture.

Portrait, a simple and effective way is to open a large aperture, one can blur the background to highlight the characters, it also can reduce the exposure time to prevent jitter. While beneficial to a wide aperture for portraits, but the shooting, the aperture is not the bigger the better. Lens aperture is a measure of the importance of performance standards. We often use a maximum toshiba pa3399u-1bas battery aperture of the lens to the extent that this powerful lens, the larger the maximum aperture, this lens is stronger.

Each lens has the best aperture value. Although the best aperture value each lens is different, but basically it is certain that the maximum aperture value can be that is not necessarily the best value. Also need to note here is that we often say the best aperture value, a single means in terms of optical quality. One factor overlooked here is the jitter. If transferred to the best aperture value, the screen will shake your hand to bring a greater impact, it continued to bar large aperture of tune.

From this perspective, the parameters of the best aperture value, the results of the laboratory. For you, want to know which is the best aperture value, the only way is to take some pictures of the same objects to feel, to find that not only ensure that canon eos-10d battery no jitter, but also produce the most sharp picture quality of the point.

If you feel too much trouble to find their own way, then there is a simple way is down two steps to the maximum aperture in the aperture, the image can often get good results. But this only applied to part of the lens, not all lenses are common. For example, Canon 50mm F1.4 Prime Lens, it is the best aperture F8, but it had a full drop of 5 files.

Therefore, the lens aperture, remember three things:

1, open at all times the maximum aperture is not correct.

2, at any time, in theory, the blind pursuit of the best aperture, is unwise.

3, only the closest to the optimum aperture value, while ensuring that the points do not produce jitter, is your best aperture value. This point, only your own personal experience, it can find.

But at night, poor lighting situations, shooting portraits are not so simple. The most basic approach is:
The shooting mode is set to 1 for darker scenes "night shot."
2 distance, the buildings hp battery for 530 are shot into the overall picture, considering the balance of the composition and character.
3, Yang shot from the bottom up with, let people facing the camera, leaning forward.

Hope to height of the building or statue as a background, you can shoot from the bottom up, so can the overall revenue picture. Yang beat, so that people's body was taken forward. In order to prevent the flash of light caused shadows when shooting can make people a little chin, so that the flash of light shines on the front face.

Let people stand near the street to urban landscape as the background, using automatic mode to shoot. The night as background, let people stand in the place bright lighting, even without using the flash can make beautiful portraits. When shooting in the dark scene, the camera can be fixed against a nearby railing, etc., in order to prevent the dell latitude d620 battery pack occurrence of hand-shake. Use the "night shot" mode. As low shutter speed will become very easy to shoot shake, if you can rely on nearby walls or columns, it can be against the top of the camera, to prevent hand-shake.

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May 26 2011


Multifunction OA Printing Solution by OKI

Increasingly popular in today's digital, simple integration is a general trend of office, business office equipment will inevitably digital upgrade, the trend in the service sector even more urgent. OKI as a global commercial printer experts, dedicated to one machine, "General office, mobile office" development, years of experience in marketing and print products to a wide range of applications enable OKI to fully understand the market and customer canon lp-e8 camera battery needs, which launched more than most suited to modern business functional office C3530MFP. The solution to this as the core of OKI is also a large number of users in the study, combined with their own professional advantage, the launch of the condensation of the OKI product characteristics to user needs and applications.

Professional printer manufacturer OKI consulting services company to fully understand the industry status quo, with the world's leading LED printing, CCD scanning technology, launched in color multi-function fax machine OKI C3530MFP one consulting service industry as the core solution. This scheme can well meet the consulting services industry needs to enhance hp g60 battery service capabilities, C3530MFP excellent performance with a quality pioneer of an integrated office, multi-service expert.

Efficiency can be said that competition in the services sector in the market fundamental, C3530MFP followed the "LED time imaging" printing technology, color and black and white printing, copying speed can be a staggering 16 pages per minute and 20 pages, improved compared with similar products 4 times; page out time is shortened to 13 seconds color to print black and white print 11 seconds. At the same time, C3530MFP CCD scanning element with a high-performance, copying speed is very fast, First copy time can reach 23 seconds color, black and white only 17 seconds; continuous color copy speed of up to 6 pages per minute black and white can be up to 16 pages new np-bg1 charger. High-speed printing and copying speed saves a lot of time, thus ensuring a higher efficiency.

Consulting industry in the face of a large number of applications such as handwritten documents, you can C3530MFP "Push Scan" feature in the control panel will be scanned images sent to the OCR system, the reception you can just use the button operation. According to handwritten data entry not only to avoid the old-fashioned way, enabling applications such as handwritten documents truly electronic management, but also to the reception can be achieved in the automation of work, from work flow to improve efficiency directly by the financial planner , insurance agents, business people favor!

Reception window can most directly affect the customer's first impression. And in this era of attention to personalized service, people are tired of the "static" model nikon coolpix p7000. C3530MFP with the "Progressive flat out" feature, you can adapt to many types of print media, including long-size paper (216 × 1200mm), postcards, envelopes, posters, or promotional information on the long and so can be resolved in the reception window . This site will be at the reception window, customers can order, or specific needs, through the ability to produce excellent output C3530MFP personalized recommendations data, thereby improving the quality of service and sales.

Regardless of the financial, insurance or telecommunications industry, a business process in any first thing to do is to confirm the identity, the usual approach is to copy and fax to the head office or the headquarters for confirmation and filed a waste of time and must be To this end the workflow compaq battery presario cq60-100 set up multiple positions and personnel. C3530MFP has a full range of scanning features, you can scan directly to the original Email, USB memory, network computers, servers and other destination address.

Therefore, identification of the work, only need to scan the information in the reception window, through the convenience of the Internet by the C3530MFP scan images directly sent to the specified mailbox head office or the headquarters, to facilitate the identification and archiving, eliminating the copying, fax, recording archives and many other work processes, resulting in communication costs and labor costs and other travelmate 5720 charger aspects of good control. Coupled with extremely competitive yuan C3530MFP the purchase costs so that C3530MFP truly become the Advisory service industries to reduce operating costs, business experts.

May 16 2011


Computerese Explanation Of BIOS

BIOS is the abbreviation of "Basic Input / Output System", it's also the full name of the ROM-BIOS, which means read-only memory basic input system. In fact, it is a group to be solidified into a computer and provides a minimum level of computer hardware, the most direct control of a set of procedures. Since it is a "program", of course, it is "software." But the BIOS but is not an ordinary software, the image that, BIOS is the software programs and hardware devices connected between a "bridge." A "converter", responsible for addressing the immediate requirements of the hardware, software, hardware, operating according to specific implementation requirements.

COMS, Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor acronym. Meaning complementary metal oxide semiconductor memory. Yes! CMOS is the memory, is the vast majority of computers are used in a battery-powered memory (RAM). Both for the "memory", no doubt is the "hardware." So, CMOS the "hardware" and BIOS the "software" in the end what does it matter?

First, we should be clear the following three concepts:

1, in normal circumstances, we call the BIOS setting in fact refers to our program by setting the parameters of the system to modify the hardware of such a process.

2, ROM, Read-Only Memory acronym. Means read-only memory, which is characterized only read, can not be changed, and maintain data even after power is not lost. Starting method is POST (Power On Self Test).

3, RAM, Random Access Memory acronym. Means random access memory, read-write characteristics can be modified, combined with the organic within the battery-powered CMOS RAM, so data can be stored a long time.

This is why:
First, the use of ROM features, modify the system to use it to put the necessary setup parameters, because the program is fixed and can be indispensable.

Second, the use of the characteristics of RAM, by running the setup program used to store system parameters change, so that at any time to read and write, that is to change the use. Therefore, BIOS settings also known as CMOS parameter settings. So, BIOS what the entire computer system, what plays a role?

From the functional point of view, BIOS has the following three roles:

1, the self-test and initialization procedures. 2, the hardware interrupt handling. 3, the process service requests.

Currently, the market's leading BIOS AMI BIOS and Award BIOS has two. The former is more common in the 286,386 system is simple, reliable, but when the popularity of green energy system appears to lag; while the latter is more than 586 models of choice, and now the most used is the 4.x version. As product differentiation, BIOS Setup program's mode of entry is not the same: AMI BIOS setup program, it is best to use its own default settings, set the method are: AMI BIOS, the user interface, select "AUTO CONFIGRATION WITH BIOS DEFAULTS" ; for the Award BIOS, select the "LOAD SETUP DEFAULTS".

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